Steel mill inc. Makes steel forms of substandard quality. Tower building company has never bought or used a steel mill form, but files a suit against the firm, alleging that its products are defective. The defendant’s best ground for dismissal of the suit is that the plaintiff does not have:.
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The best ground on which the defendant ( Company S ) can dismiss the suit filed by the plaintiff (Company T) is the standing to sue.

What is standing to sue?

Standing to sue refers to a situation where the plaintiff who has filed the case must prove with appropriate proof of having damages or injuries in respect of the conduct of the defendant.

In the provided case, Company T has to prove that the products of Company S are actually defective through appropriate evidence. If Company T can't able to prove their alleged claim before the court, then the case is decided in the favor of the defendant party, that is, Company S.

Therefore, the standing to sue can be used as a ground by Company S for dismissing the claim of Company T.

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