The diameters of two circles are 12 and 9 what the difference in square centimeters between the areas of the two circles
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Anshuyadav 4 months ago
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The differences in the areas of circles in square centimeters is 49.455

Formula for area of circle


A is the area of circle

r is the radius of circle

and π = 3.14

What is radius of a circle ?

Radius of circle is the distance from the center of the circle to any point on it's circumference. It is calculated as :

According to the given question

Diameter of one circle is 12cm and diameter of another circle 9cm.

Area of circle with diameter 12 cm = = = 113.04 square cm

Area of circle with diameter 9 cm = square cm


The difference between the areas of two circles = (113.04 -63.585) square centimeter = 49.455 square centimeter.

Learn more about the area of circle here:


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brightediomo1 4 months ago
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Step-by-step explanation:

Area of circle= π(d/2)²

For 1st Circle, A1= 36π

For 2nd Circle, A2= 81π/4

A1-A2 = 63π/4

π = 22/7


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