Which statement best expresses the author's message in the text?

A In South America, the men who herded cattle were historically known
as gauchos

B Gauchos depended on their horses to help them perform their jobs.

C. The colorful clothing and lifestyle of gauchos led to them being celebrated in an epic poem

D Gauchos are an important cultural symbol in several South American countries

2 in paragraphs 2 and 3, the author's choice of structure helps the reader understand

F the problem that gauchos solved for South Americans G the ways gauchos were similar to and different/it from cowboys

H the skills that galithos needed to do their jobs

J the changes gauchos made to the traditional outfit over time

3 In paragraph 4, the author uses a cause-and-effect structure to explain

A why the Argentinian writer decided to write about a gauchos

B how today's gauchos are different from the gauches of the part

C why South Americans feel as they do about gauchos

D how epic pietry kues baan infumes by a poem about a guacho.

I know it's not difficult but I only speak Spanish and I don't understand any of this, please, it's due tomorrow, I need the answers before apple please.
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Its b I did the test
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