A junior-level officer in a company is hoping for a promotion this year. He understands that only his reporting manager can recommend him for the promotion. Therefore, he starts to flatter his manager and praise his efficient operational methods. In the context of attraction, the junior-level officer is most likely exhibiting ________ in this scenario.
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deebikamadhivanan 4 months ago
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According to the given promotion situation, the junior-level officer is most likely exhibiting ingratiation in this scenario. So, ingratiation is the correct answer.

What is ingratiation?

Ingratiating is a psychological method in which a person tries to influence someone else by being more pleasant to them.

Flattery, complying with the supervisor's opinion, and giving favors are all examples of ingratiation. Self-promotion entails accepting credit for accomplishments, bragging about accomplishments, and emphasizing links to other influential people.

Here, a Junior-level officer begins to flatter his boss and compliment his effective operating tactics on the exhibition of ingratiation.

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