Find the value of x. Round to the nearest tenth. 1.4ft 2.1 ft 2x x = [ ? ]ft​
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Perpendicular projected from center of a circle to its chord bisects it. The value of the x for this case is: x = 1.565 ft approximately.

What is Pythagoras Theorem?

If ABC is a triangle with AC as the hypotenuse and angle B with 90 degrees then we have:

where |AB| = length of line segment AB. (AB and BC are rest of the two sides of that triangle ABC, AC being the hypotenuse).

What is the relation between line perpendicular to chord from the center of circle?

If the considered circle has center O and chord AB, then if there is perpendicular from O to AB at point C, then that point C is bisecting(dividing in two equal parts) the line segment AB.

Or |AC| = |CB|

For this case, consider the diagram below.

The line OC divides AB in half.

Since it is given that:
Length of AB = |AB| = 2x ft,

therefore, we get:
|AC| + |CB| = 2x

|AC|+|AC| = 2x (as |AC|=|CB|)

therfore, we get: |AC| = x feet = |CB|

Now,as the triangle OBC contains a right angle, we can use Pythagoras theorem, and therefore, we get:

(took positive root as 'x' represents measurement of length, which is a non-negative quantity).

Thus, the value of the x for this case is: x = 1.565 ft approximately.

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