To Honor by:Jayna Taylor PLEASE SOMEBODY ANSWER THIS Read the statement below. Then answer the question that follows.
The author repeats the phrase “bravest of all” to emphasize how the
students build on each other’s ideas as they plan their presentation.
Write a paragraph explaining how you can tell that the above
statement is true. Use at least two details from the passage
to support your response.
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Mokuteki 6 months ago
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The characters repeat the phrase "Bravest of all" and also the word "brave" several times. They are showing that they are agreeing with each other's ideas and making some more ideas to build off of each other's. Sentences such as when Jerome says "...bravest of all," in the seventh line and again, twice, in the ninth, proves that he was building off of and agreeing to Alicia and her idea statement to use poetry.

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