Mr. Silberman borrowed money for a computer for $1,500. He will pay $50 per month until it is paid off.
Ms. Washington also borrowed money for a computer. The equation D=-100m + 1,800 represents the amount Ms. Washington owes, D. in
dollars, after m months.
Which person will owe more money after 9 months? Move the correct words and dollar amount to the blanks to complete the sentence.
After 9 months.
will owe
more than
Mr. Silberman
Ms. Washington
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kydyproductionsinc 4 months ago
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Answer: Mr. Silberman has to pay $150 more than Ms. Washington.

Step-by-step explanation: First calculate how much tax Mr. Silberman will have to pay off after 9 months. 50x9=450, so $450 is how much tax he will have to pay. Add that to 1,500, which is the total cost of the computer, which equals $1,950.

Ms. Washington only has to pay $1,800. Mr. Silberman has to pay $1,950. So Mr.  Silberman has to pay more. He has to pay $150 more than Ms. Washington.

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