can someone help me write a two paragraph essay on why chris mccandless is someone to admire?
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adi1025 6 months ago
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Answer: Christopher McCandless should be viewed as admirable because he had the capability of viewing dreams and striving hard to fulfill that dream- something that very few people are able to do. Living in the wilderness is difficult, but understanding the meaning of such lifestyle is even more difficult. McCandless' journey was courageous and inspiring. He lived by the works of transcendentalists, Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau, showing his love for nature and adventure. He was a strong, smart, and driven man who had a rough childhood. His motive in life was to reject conformity to capitalism and materialism in the worldand seek solace in the wilderness. He was an American who grew up understanding the American society, Capitalism, the notion of rich and poor and hence he decided to follow his heart.


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