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victoriaballou07 6 months ago
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If she wouldn't have lost the necklace, she wouldn't have been working off the money to repay her friend to get the necklace. She been working for the last 10 years so she can get the necklace and give it back to her friend.

Life Change a lot after the party because she lied to her friend after borrowing the necklace and lost the necklace, so she had to come up with the money for the necklace to give it back to her friend but instead of telling her friend the truth. She lied to her and been working to pay it off the last 10 years. Her Husband helps her work for it too. So, they both lied for years. The day they finally got all the money together and bought the necklace. They went to give it back to her friend and She finally told the truth and found out it wasn't an actually real diamond necklace, so they work for 10 years for nothing. It was not a real diamond necklace after all.

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