23 is what percent of 184?​
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jdoe0001 4 months ago
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if we take 184 as the 100%, what is 23 off of it in percentage?

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EMan3322150 4 months ago
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Answer: 23 is 12.5% of 184

Step-by-step explanation:

let p be the percent value of 23/184

set up the equation using the info we have,

it says "23 of 184" or known otherwise 23/184

now we dont know the percent so we can do p/100

now that we have the info put together we can say that


now with the equation, we then cross multiply. multiplying the numerator with the denominator on the other side of the equationa and vis-versa. now with that, we have 23 x 100=184p.

turn this into 2300=184p

now divide 184 on both ends to only have p left and what it equals.


dividing 184 by 184p with cancel out leaving p.

now our end result


meaning that 23 is 12.5% of 184.

(sorry for this being long, this is my first time doing this :P)

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