Consider Santiago’s attitudes and behaviors over the course of the novella. In what ways are these attitudes and behaviors in line with the expectations you have for an old man? How do Santiago's attitudes and behaviors defy your expectations? Cite specific examples from the text and your personal feelings or beliefs to illustrate the points in your response
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Santiago suffers very much throughout The Old Man and the Sea. He spent eighty-four days without catching even a single fish and has become the laughingstock of his small village.

What is the thinking of Santiago?

The destruction that was caused by sharks, enables the old man to undergo a transformation, and he wrests triumph and renewed life from his defeat.

Santiago manages the most miraculous feat of all he found a way for being remembered even after death.

Santiago’s commitment was sailing out farther as compared to any fisherman gone before. To reach where the big fish resides which testifies to the depth of his pride.

It also display his determination to change his luck. After the sharks have destroyed his prize marlin, Santiago chastises himself for his exaggerated pride, claiming that it has ruined both the marlin and himself.

Thus, Santiago is compared at the end of the novella, the old man’s physical suffering leads to a more significant spiritual triumph.

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