What the scene in Antigone does the painting depicts ? Why might ismene be looking over her shoulder How does the painting give more information about the play Antigone to someone who might read it? What emotions depicted in the painting are different from those described in the play? How? Does reading the play help you interpret Antigone’s thoughts and emotions in the painting
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sahilnagarbiology 4 months ago
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The composition gives us a substantial, visual picture of the terrible circumstances in which Polyneices' carcass was passed on to spoil.

What is purpose behind the painting about Antigone ?

The play gives a setting to the canvas. It fills in foundation subtleties and explains to us why Antigone needs to go to such outrageous lengths to cover Polyneices.

It gives us the justification behind Polyneices' demise and furthermore explains to us why he was denied a legitimate internment.

It likewise shows us the circumstances in which Antigone got out of her home to give her sibling a good internment and is demonstration of her boldness and her assurance to make the best decision.

Greek ladies carried on with exceptionally shielded lives, and for a Greek lady to get out of her home without anyone else in what has all the earmarks of being the dead of the night was very important.

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