Read the passage from "The Lay of the Were-Wolf."
When man's speech returned once more, he told him of his adventure. Then the King restored to his friend the land and
property that was stolen from him, and gave such rich gifts, moreover, as I cannot tell. As for the wife who had betrayed
Bisclavaret, he bade her avoid his country, and chased her from the realm. So she went forth, she and her second lord
together, to seek a more abiding city, and were no more seen.
What do the King's actions in this passage reveal about him?
The Lay of the Were-Wolf
O He does not wish the knight to protect him anymore.
O He does not want to punish the lady for her deception.
O He feels guilty about not recognizing the knight in wolf form.
He is exceptionally kind and good-hearted.
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