What is most likely the combined effect of having

multiple modalities, mediums, and formats in the heart


Read the description of a student's trip to a science


As the student enters the giant model of the human

heart, a volunteer hands her a brochure with

information on how the heart works. The student then

proceeds through huge veins to a valve. A video

explains what happens in this location of the heart. The

student can hear the heart beating as she walks into

one of the chambers. She touches the heart wall and

can feel it pulsing

People who experience the heart model will be

informed by the video

People who visit the model will understand the

human heart and how it functions.

People who visit the model will gain the most

information from the brochure,

People who experience the model will become

experts in heart anatomy
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This text depicted a day whenever an understudy got the opportunity to enter a goliath model of a human heart.

What is purpose of goliath model of heart?

This model showed how the heart functioned, as well as giving hints of a thumping heart, a video making sense of what occurs in every locale of the heart.

A handout tending to data about the working of the heart and a surface where it was feasible to feel the heart beat.

This combination of means and modalities of making sense of the heart, permits anybody who visits this model, to get a ton of data about the heart, its life structures and its usefulness, obtaining an extraordinary information about this vital organ.

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