Which of the following events led to journalism
and satire in the Restoration Era?
A. The Monarchy taking greater control of the content of books and
B. The upper class revitalizing Greek and Roman literature styles.
C. Rules on censorship were relaxed so more controversial content
could be published.
D. The need for information about the Revolutionary War.
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Journalism and satire were possible in the Restoration Era because rules on censorship were relaxed.

What was the restoration era?

This is a historical period that starts in 1650 when King Charles II recovered or restored his power.

How did this affect journalism?

The restoration era implied the end of very strict regulations derived from Puritan morality. This means that the Restoration period make it possible for more controversial content to be published.

Learn more about censorship in: https://brainacademy.pro/question/1762718


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