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(3) ... It is often said that the tariff is the specialty of Pennsylvania. Assuming that direct taxation is not to be adopted, the tariff question must be as durable as the government itself. It is a question of national house-keeping. It is to the government what replenishing the meal-tub is to the family. Ever-varying circumstances will require frequent modifications as to the amount needed and the sources of supply. So far there is little difference of opinion among the people. It is only whether, and how far, duties on imports shall be adjusted to favour home productions.

How does Lincoln support his claim that "the tariff question must be as durable as the government itself"?

with specific facts
with expert opinion
with an analogy
with a personal anecdote
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mcarc09 6 months ago
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Lincoln supports his claim that "the tariff question must be as durable as the government itself" with an analogy to housekeeping. (option C)

What is analogy?

An analogy draws a relationship between two different things. The purpose is to compare those things by finding something that connects them, despite the differences. This type of comparison serves to explain or clarify an idea, a topic, or an argument, for instance.

In the excerpt we are analyzing here, Lincoln uses an analogy when he compares the question of tariffs to housekeeping. His purpose is to show that both are similar in the sense that they can never be neglected.

Since he does not provide a specific fact or expert opinion, nor does he tell a personal story (anecdote), we can eliminate the other options and select option C as the correct answer.

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