An application requires a frontend web tier of multiple servers that communicate with a backend application tier of multiple servers. Which design most closely follows AWS best practices?
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Lanuel 6 months ago
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The design most closely follows this Amazon Web Service (AWS) best practices: multitenancy.

What is AWS?

AWS is an acronym for Amazon Web Service and it can be defined as a web-based service that is saddled with the responsibility of providing on-demand cloud computing and application programming interface (API) to individuals, governments, and business firms on a metered basis.

Generally, some key design principles of the Amazon Web Service (AWS) Cloud include the following:

  • Scalability
  • Automation
  • Disposable resources
  • Loose coupling managed services.
  • Multitenancy

A multitenancy model is typically used for providing services to multiple end users through an instance of the application running on a server.

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