high temperatures all year with lots of rain
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blackshades 4 months ago
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Tropical region.


Since the question was posted under Geopgraphy, I'm assuming that you want the region where high temperatures with lots of rain lasts all year.

It'll be in the tropical region / trophics. These are the regions that lie near the equator (between the Tropic of Cancer & Tropic of Capricon). They get the maximum amount of sunlight / the sun's rays (the Earth bulges about here because it's in the middle..the Earth is ellipsoidal in shape) & hence have high temperatures. Also, rainfall is quite prominent here. Some countries that lie in this region are: South India, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Thailand, Peru etc.


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Seventailedfox 4 months ago
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This a a tropical Climate

Explanation: Since the places near or in the tropical are near the equator which equals more direct sunlight and high temps and a lot of rain. I can elaborate more on this if you want????

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