Line t passes through points (9, 10) and (3, 3). Line u is parallel to line t. What is the slope of
line u?

Simplify your answer and write it as a proper fraction, improper fraction, or integer.
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reinhard10158 6 months ago
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Step-by-step explanation:

a parallel line has the same slope. that is the actual meaning of "parallel".

so we need to find the slope of line t to get our answer.

remember, the slope is the ratio " y coordinate change / x coordinate change" when going from one point on the line to another.

so, here we have 2 points (9, 10) and (3, 3).

going from the first to the second we see

x changes by -6 (from 9 to 3).

y changes by -7 (from 10 to 3).

the slope is then -7/-6 = 7/6.

and therefore, the slope of u is also 7/6.

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