Poverty and backwardsness is also a reason of increasing population justfy​
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boundelaireasnia321 6 months ago
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Poverty and population growth Population dynamics and trends can have a huge impact on poverty reduction and long-term development prospects. Population dynamics, such as population growth, age structure, and rural-urban distribution, both influence and are influenced by poverty.

Poverty and backwardness are also thought to be factors in rapid population growth because the impoverished and those in rural areas may lack knowledge of contraceptive methods and lack the financial means to purchase them. In rural backward communities, population management equipment may be difficult to get, leaving them unable to regulate birth. As a result, poverty and backwardness are thought to be a factor in population increase.

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kaynovilla 6 months ago
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Poverty and backwardness are also considered to be the cause of rapid population because poor and people of back places may not have enough knowledge about contraceptive devices and may not have enough money to buy it. The devices of population management may be also difficult to get in rural backward areas due to which they are not able to control birth. That's why poverty and backwardness are considered to be a cause of population growth.


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