Pillow lavas are ________. andesitic bombs erupted from a cinder cone that accumulate as pillow-like masses around the cone rhyolite glasses that develop a banding that resembles a pillow case with internal snowflake obsidian that looks like feathers basaltic magmas erupted on the seafloor as magma blobs from an explosive, submarine eruption basaltic lava tubes erupted on the seafloor in volcanic piles analogous to toothpaste extruded from a tube
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Pillow lavas are basaltic lava tubes.

What is Pillow Lava?

Pillow lava are basaltic lava tubes that erupt on the seafloor in volcanic piles. it is pillow shaped structure that is characterised by extrusion of lava under water. It has thick sequence of pillow shaped masses use to confirm volcanism in metamorphic belt.

Therefore, Pillow lavas are basaltic lava tubes.

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