Investigate the NFL TV rights deals. Who negotiates the TV rights deals? How have TV rights had an impact on the NFL? How much does ESPN pay the NFL for MNF games?
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Tv rights are negotiated by represetatives and they benefit both the NFL and tv channels.

What is NFL?

NFL stands for National Football League, which is one of the most relevant football leagues in America.

What are the NFL Tv rights?

The NFL has specific Tv rights contracts with CBS, Fox, ESPN, and other related channels. These contracts imply the channels pay NFL to broadcast its games because through broadcasting both the NFL and the channels can obtain high profits.

Who negotiates Tv rights?

Representatives of each side negotiate Tv rights based on their interest, broadcasting patterns, and previous contracts.

How much do companies pay?

Each company or channel can pay a different amount of money depending on NFL and their TV rights. In the case of ESPN, the most recent contract implies ESPN will pay 2.7 billion a year.

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