The two histograms show the points scored per game by a college basketball player in 2008 and 2016. What is a typical number of points per game scored by this player in 2008?explain your reasoning.

Write 2-3 sentences that describe the spreads of the two distributions, including what spreads might tell us in this context
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To determine the typical number of points per game in 2008 carefully observe the histogram and identify the number of points that the tallest bar represent.

What is a histogram?

This is a type of graph that represents frequency by using bars.

How to identify the typical number of points?

Considering the bars differ in height based on the frequencly, the best to identify the typical number of points is:

  • Identify the graph that represents the number of points during 2008.
  • Look at the bars and identify the tallest one, as well as the number of points this represents.
  • This would be considered the typical nubmer of points or the most common number of points.

Note: This questions is incomplete because the histograms were not attached. Due to this, the answer is based on general knowledge.

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