Select all of the following characteristics that apply to the type of nonfiction text type: Recounts.

Tells who, what, when, where, and why

Purpose is to persuade readers

Provides facts in chronological order

Written to retell information or entertain
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As a general rule, the reason for a nonfiction essayist is to "illuminate", despite the fact that obviously it is very feasible for such an author to engage simultaneously, since data can frequently be very engaging.

How to can you identify nonfictional text?

There are three fundamental reasons for a writer when he endeavors to compose a piece of composing. The three reasons are to convince, illuminate and to engage.

The reason for composing depends likewise relies on the class of writing. The subject which the writer needs to pass on through the composing is dissected and inspected through the composition.

The text provides the responses to the motivation of the creator and the techniques he had taken on to accomplish it.

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