Martin and Suzy, who are classmates, have an affair with each other. They are in a relationship that has an ingredient of passion. However, they do not have feelings of warmth or closeness toward each other and do not intend to appraise the relationship. According to Robert J. Sternberg's triarchic theory of love, Martin and Suzy's love relationship is mostly likely categorized as
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The feelings expressed between Martin and Suzzy who are classmates experience the relationship of infatuation. So, the relationship is categorized as "infatuation".

What is the Triarchic theory of love?

Robert Sternberg's triangle theory of love is a love theory devised. "According to the triangle hypothesis, the three components of love are a passion component, an intimacy component, and a decision/commitment component" in interpersonal relationships.

Lust and physical intensity without liking or commitment are characteristics of infatuation. A deeper sense of intimacy, romantic love, or consummate love has not developed due to a lack of time. After the infatuation period, they may develop. The initial attraction is frequently quite strong.

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