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5. Read the following passage.

A small amount of oil can be used to produce a large amount of energy. Because of this, oil has changed the way we live. Our cities are built for cars, which run on oil in the form of gasoline. People have grown used to the idea of being able to hop in their car and drive anywhere they want, for a relatively low price. And our country has a large network of gas stations already in place to make this possible.

However, there is only so much oil underground. Once we have taken all the oil from underground, it will not be replaced. As oil starts to run out, the price will keep increasing. Also, oil releases greenhouse gases when burned, but that is not the only effect it has on the environment. Drilling for oil is a difficult process and can cause environmental damage. In the drilling area, organisms can lose their homes or be killed. Oil is also drilled offshore, which means it is drilled from the ocean floor. This can cause problems for marine life. One of the worst outcomes is when oil is spilled into the ocean, because this is very difficult or even impossible to clean.

a) Based on this passage, what are the pros and cons of using oil? (2 points)
Think about the good and bad things that the passage mentions.

b) How might society affect science when it comes to developing oil-based technology? (1 point)
Think about concerns or needs people may have.

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Answer:pros: we can get in our cars and
drive anywhere we want for a low price
cons: we may run out, many organisms can
be killed, and it releases greenhouse gasses

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