Describe the population that is represented by the Venn diagram below. 100 males, brown hair 34, 18 both, brown eyes 22
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The population represented by the Venn diagram is described thus:

Of 100 males (Universal set),

  • 34 males have brown hair only (Difference)
  • 22 males have brown eyes only (Difference)
  • 18 males have both brown hair and brown eyes (Intersection)
  • 26 males (100 - (34 + 22 + 18)) in total do not have either brown hair or brown eyes
  • 74 males either have brown hair or brown eyes or both (Union)

Venn diagrams represent sets by closed shapes (such as circles and rectangles).

They show relationships between these sets by:

  1. Overlapping the shapes to show that the corresponding sets contain elements that are common to the sets (two or more)
  2. Enclosing all of the sets within the universal set (represented by a rectangle). This usually depicts the total number of elements in the set.

Note: Venn diagrams are also known as Logic diagrams or set diagrams.

To learn more about Venn diagrams see:

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