I want to know about the First Sino-Japanese War?
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I want to know about First Sino-Japanese War?

The Sino-Japanese Sino-Japanese War refers to the war in which Japan invaded China and Korea at the end of the 19th century. According to the chronology of Chinese branches and branches, the year 1894 when the war broke out was the Jiawu Year, so it was called the Jiawu War. Japan called it the 'Japanese-Ching War', the Korean Peninsula called the 'Ching-Japanese War', and Western countries called it the 'First Sino-Japanese War'.

During the Meiji Restoration, Japan began to embark on the path of capitalism, actively invaded and expanded foreign countries, and established a 'mainland policy' centered on China; at this time, the Qing Dynasty was an empire that had returned to light through the Westernization Movement, political corruption, people's hardships, and officialdom. Various factions fought openly and secretly, intrigued and deceived, the national defense and military were strong outside the country, and discipline was lax; the world's major capitalist countries were gradually transitioning to imperialism, and Japan's aggression was supported to a certain extent by Western powers.

The results of the Sino-Japanese War brought unprecedented serious national crisis to the Chinese nation, which greatly deepened the degree of semi-colonialization of Chinese society;


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