The monomers used to synthesize proteins
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The answer to fill in will be amino acids
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Proteins are composed of hundreds or thousands of smaller building blocks called amino acids that are linked together in lengthy chains. 20 distinct kinds of amino acids can be combined to create proteins.

What are proteins?

Amino acid monomers, which make up proteins, are called monomers. A functional protein is created by folding a polypeptide chain made up of these amino acids into a three-dimensional (3D) structure.

An incredibly complex, naturally occurring molecule known as a protein is made up of amino acid residues connected by peptide bonds.

All living things contain proteins, which are the building blocks of numerous vital biological substances like enzymes, hormones, and antibodies.

The body is made up of protein, which may be found in almost every organ, tissue, and body part, including muscle, bone, skin, and hair.

Therefore, amino acid monomers used to synthesize proteins.

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