Four people participate in a rope competition. Two of them pull the rope right exerting forces of magnitude 330 N and 380 N. The other two pull left exerting forces of magnitude 320 N and 410N.
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A rope competition is played out between four participants. They both pull on the rope to the right while producing forces between 330 N and 380 N. The other two pull to the left with forces of 320 N and 410 N, respectively.

T2 = 250 and T1 = 250.57 [N] .57[N]

In order to create a free body diagram with all the forces acting on the body, we must first extract all the information they provide about the issue.

The free body diagram and associated forces are shown in the accompanying figure.

The T1 and T2 forces can be found by adding up the forces on the Y-axis; these forces are equal because they are a precondition for the problem. Therefore, this equation can be solved.

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