Question 4: Switch on your light source. Make sure it is shining onto a wall. Hold your largest clear plastic square between the light source and the wall. 4.1. 4.2. 4.3. What do you observe? Now do the same with the second clear plastic square. B What do you observe? Now do the same with the third clear plastic square. What do you observe? 4.4. What differences do you observe between the shadows of the three shapes?​
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rafikiedu08 3 weeks ago
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Rays of light can travel through the cardboard when I hold my largest cardboard square between the light source and the wall, but because the cardboard is not very thick, the light can still pass through and create a shadow.

2b. The shadow is typically shorter.

2c. Completely no shadow 2d. The shadow is either clear or hardly there.

Do cardboard sheets block light?

Based on the precise materials and light sources that were employed, the results of the cardboard experiment frequently differ.

Keep in mind that it is generally expected that reflective materials, such as aluminum foil, and mirrors, would reflect the specified or given light.

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