Discuss your interest in environmental science. Which aspects of environmental science most fascinate you? How are your personal values related to your interest in environmental science? If you could choose one job or career related to environmental science, what would it be?

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topeadeniran2 2 months ago
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My interest is environmental science is to know more about the environment.

My personal values relates to my interest in environmental science because I love the environment, nature and I'll love to know more about the topic.

If I could choose one job or career related to environmental science, it'll be an environmental scientist.

How to explain the information?

I will like to know more about environmental issues including climate change, global warming, ozone layer loss, acid rains, and effects on biodiversity and marine life through the study of environmental science. These issues are not simply local or national issues; they also affect the entire planet.

I'll like to be an environmental scientist.

Natural science expertise is used by environmental scientists to safeguard the environment. Environmental experts and scientists apply their understanding of the natural sciences to safeguard both human health and the environment. They might clean up dirty areas, offer legislators advice, or collaborate with business to cut waste.

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