How do i solve. To get the answer need answer
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rafikiedu08 2 months ago
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The correct answer is 329.4 Cal.

Remember that specific heat is the ratio of the amount of heat needed to raise a body's temperature by one degree compared to the amount of heat needed to raise the temperature of an equivalent mass of water by one degree, or that specific heat capacity is the amount of heat energy needed to raise a material's temperature by one kelvin (K) per kilogramme.

Mass of sample=50.00-g

Specific heat of metal=0.108 cal/g °C

Change in temperature=78.0 °C-17.0°C=61.0°C

Heat Released by metal can be calculated as follows:

Heat Released = Mass of sample  x Specific heat x  Change in temperature

Heat Released = 50.00 g x  0.108 cal/g °C x 61.0°C

Heat Released = 329.4 Cal

To learn more about heat released refer the link:


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