what is the volume in milliliter of 7.44 g of acetone
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rafikiedu08 2 months ago
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The correct answer is 9.4897 mL

It is necessary to understand a substance's mass, volume, and density in order to answer this question. By dividing a material's mass by volume, the density of the substance may be calculated. The equation for density may now be written in mathematical form using the expression for density, and the equation for mass can be produced by rearrangement using the equation for density as a starting point.

Mass of acetone = 7.44 g (given)

Volume of acetone (v) =  mass of acetone ÷ density of acetone

V = 7.44 g ÷ 0.784 g/mL

V = 9.4897 mL

Hence volume of acetone = 9.4897 mL

To learn more about density refer the link:



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