which of the following is true of the principle of tabula rasa

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According to the tabula rasa principle, children who are taught the right ethical principles will grow up to be good individuals, while those who are taught the wrong ones will be bad.

What is Tabula Rasa?

A human being is born with no preexisting mental content, according to the epistemological theory of tabula rasa, and all of our knowledge comes from our experiences and our senses. In general, proponents of the tabula rasa study believe that intelligence, social, emotional conduct, and personality traits are more influenced by "nurture" than by "nature."

The theory of a tabula rasa, made popular by John Locke, holds that the human mind acquires knowledge and shapes itself solely through experience, with no innate beliefs to act as a foundation. One type of tabula rasa is the chance to start over with no past, history, or preconceived notions.

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