Literary works by writers from visayas and mindanao

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There are many literary artists that came from the Visayas and Mindanao regions. Some of the well known personalities are the following:

Martin Abellana

Francisco Alvarez

Francisco Alvarado

Cora Almerino

Erro Merquita

Macario Tiu

The last two are Mindanaon writers who recently won the Carlos Palanca Award by writing Isla Verde and Black Pearl, respectively.

Visayas is one of the Philippines' 3 important island organizations. In crucial Visayas, Cebu town’s Spanish colonial architecture consists of the triangular citadel San Pedro and the Basilica del Santo Niño. Bohol Island’s Chocolate Hills are a group of extra than 1,000 conical, grass-protected mounds that flip brown in the dry season. In Corella, rare worm-eyed primates called tarsiers are included on the Philippine Tarsier Sanctuary.

What's Visayas recognized for?

The Visayas is known for sparkling mangoes, scenic drives, common bus services by way of corporations which include Ceres Liners (although no longer speedy at an average speed of 30 to 35 kilometers in keeping with hour relying on visitors situations) and a mess of smaller islands to discover, dive or snorkel at.

What are the five foremost islands in Visayas?

The Visayan group consists of seven massive and numerous hundred smaller islands clustered across the Visayan, Samar, and Camotes seas. The seven essential islands are Bohol, Cebu, Leyte, Masbate, Negros, Panay, and Samar.

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