If 31.5 grams of bromine and 14.0 grams of chlorine combine to form bromine monochloride, how many grams of bromine monochloride must form?
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rafikiedu08 2 months ago
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The correct answer is 45.21 g.

This issue will be resolved with the aid of the idea that chemical equilibrium is the rate of reversible processes at which the concentration of the reactants and products does not vary over time. The rate of reaction is exactly proportional to the raised to the power equal to the relevant stoichiometric coefficient, states the law of mass action.

Bromine monochloride is created when 31.5 grammes of bromine and 14.0 grammes of chlorine react.

Br2 + Cl2 ---> 2BrCl

mol Br2= 31.5/160g/mol= 0.196mol

mol Cl2= 14g/70.906g/mol= 0.197mol

Number of moles of BrCl formed = 2×0.196= 0.392 mol.

mass BrCl= 0.392 mol x 115.357g/mol= 45.21 g

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