All of the following are examples of design thinking except.
O analogy
O critical analysis
O deconstruction
O reassembly
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aarinimishra75 2 months ago
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All the following are examples of design thinking except deconstruction. Thus, the option (c) is correct.

What is thinking?

The term thinking refer to the individual ability to think the situation. The person thinking are the based on the nature of the person. The thinking is the belief of the thought and the feeling. The thinking they are the reflection of the person identity. The thinking is the part of the intrapersonal communication.

The term deconstruction refer to the break-down method was the actually mean demolition. There is the totally different to the thinking process. The thinking was the included to the  analogy, reassembly, critical analysis. The deconstruction as the significance related to the fiction and non-fiction.

As a result, the deconstruction  was the totally different term to the thinking. Therefore, option (c) is correct.

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StephenJosephMathew 2 months ago
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I think the answer is

O deconstruction


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