• 7 Question: In what way are John Locke's social contract theory and the Declaration of Independence similar? A) Both support rights with which each person Is born B) Both support rights granted to the people by the government C) Both support govemment's revoking rights of citizens D) Both support serfdom and the right to own property 8 Question: Why is the Battle of Saratoga considered turning point in the Revolutionary War? A) It allowed American troops to seize Brutish troops ammunition. B) It convinced France to support the American cause. C) It assured Americans of George Washington’s ability as a general. D) it prevented the British from capturing Philadelphia 9 Question: How did the American Revolution influence the French Revolution? A) The French tried to copy the strong monarchy created by the American Revolution B) Thousands of American citizens sailed to France to overthrow the government here C) France’s involvement in the American Revolution brought about financial debt D) The philosophical ideas behind the American Revolution influenced French revolutionaries


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