• For this assignment, you will create a presentation on pioneering African Americans in government and politics. In unit 10, you learned about some of these leaders and there are many more to research. You might choose to report on Hiram Revels, a United States Congressman elected in 1869, or former California Senator Kamala Harris, who made history as the first woman and the first woman of color to serve as Vice President of the United States. You might choose to report on Barack Obama, the first African American President from 2009-201, or Stacey Abrams, a 2021 Nobel Peace Prize nominee, voting rights activities, and former minority leader in the Georgia House of Representatives. Your presentation should be creative, original, and show your research effort. It should address the importance of the political figure and include facts, issues, and/or relevance. Create your presentation using PowerPoint or another application of your choosing.


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