• Use the information from the previous tasks to compose a five-paragraph blog post about the person you think made the greatest contribution to society during the Age of Revolution. A blog post is a piece of writing that appears on a webpage. The posts are dated and listed in chronological order with the latest post at the top of the page. Review some safety tips for creating a blog. For this task, you’ll type your blog post in the answer area. However, if your teacher and parent allow, you may post an actual blog post and supply the link as well. You can use a site such as Education Blog if you have permission to upload your blog post. As you write your blog, be sure to include the following elements: an introduction that clearly states your argument transitions that provide a clear flow of ideas correct grammar and spelling references to the research in your writing (proper citations where appropriate) links within your writing to credible and informative websites that offer your readers more information about the historical figure a concluding statement or paragraph that incorporates your argument give full blog will all things included in your answer SUPER FAST PLEASE NEED BY 8PM TONIGHT!!! Worth 100 points


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