• Given below is a letter which Mrs Jenny Peters, the class teacher, wrote to all her students. She deliberately did not punctuate her letter to see whether the students remembered what they had learnt about punctuation. Punctuate her letter correctly. dear students im very excited we have so much to learn and discover this year and it all starts with you i expect you to attend school regularly while you are in class you ought to be cooperative attentive and friendly to all i would expect you to work hard and regularly im sure when school reopens everything will seem new and exciting but when its time to get to real work the excitement might disappear you must not let this thrill fade away as a would like to tell you that i really care about you i do i love teaching you can expect me to keep teacher i a well organized classroom i believe we work best if the environment is neat clean and pleasant i shall communicate with your parents regularly and let them know how you are doing in your academics and your behaviour in school i hope that the year is a fruitful one for you i am sending you your first assignment in the form of this letter which you will have to correctly punctuate and bring along when you come to school best wishes mrs jenny peters​


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