• Which of the following best summarizes "The Land of Red Apples"?A. Zitkála-Šá, like many American Indians, was not treated well by the paleface and was involuntarily taken to boarding school. Once at the school, Zitkála-Šá and the other children were forced to comfort each other in the absence of their families. The children relied on each other to bear the treatment at the school.B. Zitkála-Šá traveled with several other children to a missionary school in the east. She was treated much differently at school than at her home, which caused her anxiety and pain. Her first night at the school, she cried herself to sleep, grieving the absence of her mother and aunt.C. Zitkála-Šá first felt impatient to start her journey, but then felt disturbed and troubled by the palefaces staring at her. She resented being watched and the rude curiosity. At the school, she was greeted with too much light and noise and was tossed in the air playfully, but she hated it. She cried herself to sleep.D. Zitkála-Šá and other children travelled to a missionary school hoping to enjoy learning and a newfound freedom. While travelling by train they encountered unfamiliar faces and rude behavior. However, the missionaries offered them comfort.Please help!


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