• hi, can you help me with these questions.I really need the answers please1. Linda has given (up/ to/ down) work ,so she can look after her children. 2.Someone gave (up/away/ on) the secret plans and now the boss is angry. 3.The factory gives (up/ away/ off)) a lot of smoke causing pollution.4.We took (up/on/down) the curtains before painting the room. 5.That skirt is too wide so I'm going to take it (up/ down/in).6. I'm going to take two weeks (on/down/ off) work in December. 7.He has really taken (on/ to/ down) his new school he loves it.8.After I put down the phone, I go (on/ to/ away) with my work. 9. The news of the party got (on/ away/ around) the office very quickly.10. During the meeting he cut (on/in/ off) and asked some questions. 11. If you don't pay the bill the electricity supply will be cut (down/out/off). 12. Don't cut (out/down/off) that beautiful oak tree. 13. Carry (on with/ out /away) your work while I answer the telephone. 14. Some guests turned (out/ on/ up) unexpectedly. 15. Who would you turn (out/ to/ up) if you had a problem. 16. Please turn (up/down/ off) the volume on the TV It's too loud! 17. Thieves broke (to/ in/out) and stole a valuable painting. ​


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