• ....of these categories. I wasn't sure how I knew, I just did.As we drew closer, he became clearer. He was a young man rather than a boy Although he was on the small side, he wasn't as slight as I'd first thought. He wasn't exactly muscular, but he wasn't weedy-looking either. It's hard to explain. There was a sense of strength about their hgracefulrength that showed in his balance, the way he held himself, and the way he walked.Question:1)In the first paragraph, what is Caitlin's main point about the island?a.it can be dangerous to try to cross from the mainland.b.it is much smaller than it looks from the mainland.c.it is only completely cut off at certain times.d.it can be a difficult place for people to live in.2)What does Caitlin suggest about her father?a.his writing prevents him from doing things he wants to do with his family.b.his initial reaction to his son's request is different from usual.c.His true feelings are easily hidden from his daughter.d.His son's arrival is one event he will take time off for.3) Caitlin emphasizes her feelings of discomfort because shea.is embarrassed that she doesn't understand what her brother is talking about.b.feels confused about why she can't relate to her brother's behaviorc.is upset by the unexpected change in her brother's behavior d.feels foolish that her brother's attention is so important to her.4)In the fourth paragraph, what is Caitlin's purpose in describing the island?a.to express her positive feelings about it.b.to explains how the road was built.c.to illustrate what kind of weather is as usual.d.to describes her journey home.5)In 'because of that in the fourth paragraph, 'that' refers to the fact thata.locals think it is odd to walk anywhere.b.it is easier for people to take the bus than walk c.people have everything they need on the island.d.there is nowhere, in particular, to walk to from the island.6)What do we learn about Caitlin's reactions to the boy?a.felt his air of confidence contrasted with his physical appearance.b.she was able to come up with a reason for him being there.c.She realised her first impression of him was inaccurate.d. she thought she had seen him somewhere before.​


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