• Match the term to its description. Identifying the main ideas and supporting details to support the claim. - blank Acknowledging the differences between personal existing values and attitude and the author's perspective. blank Done to get an initial understanding of the text. blank Consult related readings in order to learn how to approach the same topic in different ways. blank An idea, an opinion, a judgment or a point of view that the writer wants you to accept. blank This consists of reasons and evidence that will prove to the readers that the conclusion presented is worth accepting. blank Newer knowledge is obtained through this way of learning as this is the key to understanding the author's point of view. blank Weighing in on the consistency of claims and support. blank The reader must be able to track the pattern in the author's thoughts and presentation of his/her own beliefs. blank _______ the material enables the reader to grasp the organization and the content of the text in the shortest possible time. blank Assertions that are based on facts and has to be proven by reliable proofs. blank An assertion that relies on personal choice. blank Claims made to rebut a previous claim. blank The part of a literary review that emphasizes the main point of the review. blank The part of a research report that states the significance of the research. blank This includes the instrument used in the research. blank A part of the project proposal that states what the project will produce. blank The part of the project proposal that states what makes the project unique. blank This part of the project proposal explains what the project wants to achieve. blank This part of the project proposal explains the problem and what makes it interesting. blank Asking questions Conclusion Contextualizing Assertion Motivation Methods Support Preference Previewing Compare and Contrast Opinion Introduction Scanning Implementation Issues and Challenges Evaluation Claim Reflecting on challenges to beliefs and values Making inferences Project Summary Outlining and Summarizing Deliverables Skimming Counterclaim ASAPPPP


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