• A computer-based information system that keeps track of the transactions needed to conduct business is a(n) ________ system. Question 8 options: a) transaction processing b) office automation c) executive support d) decision support Which type of database stores items that contain the data and the actions that read or process the data? Question 12 options: a) a relational database b) an object-oriented database c) a multidimensional database d) a geographic database _______________ is processed data that is organized, meaningful, and useful. Question 13 options: a) Text b) Video c) Software d) Information Which of the following statements is true? Question 17 options: a) Relational databases can store data in more than two dimensions. b) Relational databases contain three-dimensional tables. c) Multidimensional databases can store data in more than two dimensions. d) Multidimensional databases contain two-dimensional tables.


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