• Directions : Determine whether the following characteristics apply to mitosis, meiosis, or both, by putting into appropriate column. 1. No crossing over of chromatid arms. 2. Two divisions of the nucleus. 3. Four daughter cells produced. 4. Associated with growth, development, and asexual reproduction. 5. Associated with sexual reproduction. 6. One division of the nucleus 7. Two daughter cells produced. 8. Involves duplication of chromosomes during interphase. 9. Chromosome number remains the same. 10. Chromosome number is halved. 11. Crossing over between chromatid arms may occur. 12. Daughter cells are identical to parent cell. 13. Daughter cells are not identical to parent cell. 14. Produces sex cells. (egg and sperm cells) 15. Happens in plant and animal cells. 16. Type of cell division. 17. Parent cell has 46 chromosomes (in human) 18. Daughter cell has 23 chromosomes (in human) 19. Daughter cell has 46 chromosomes (in human) 20. Produces body cells. (Skin, bone, nerve, etc.)


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